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Bassline Engineering - Tubagility - Nick Etheridge

The album is both original and challenging, featuring wonderful new compositions from young British composers. You will also hear some freshly interpreted works of Prog Rock, Funk and Jazz that feature breathtaking performances by Nick’s ensemble BASSCRAFT and The Band from U.N.C.L.E. THIS IS TUBAGILITY has new works from award winning Scottish composer Tom Harrold. BEASTIE is for tuned percussion, Drums and Tuba and a new funk work TUBAMS includes Drums and Hammond Organ. Tom’s works really let the Tuba groove with the engine room of the band. A highlight of the album is the astonishing Concerto for Tuba, Marimba and Rock Band WHAT THE HECK performed by BASSCRAFT. This substantial four movement work by John Paul Gandy is a virtuoso showcase for both soloist and ensemble and is part homage to Frank Zappa which romps through a host of styles, textures, both comic and serious. BASSCRAFT also opens the album with a fiery performance of the King Crimson’s classic 21ST CENTURY SCHIZOID MAN. The Band from U.N.C.L.E. returns with another set of crazy and much loved tunes which include ENTER THE DRAGON and THE NEW AVENGERS. The electro pop classic POPCORN is even reworked for 4 Tubas, kit and Stylophone!!


Bassline Engineering - Tubagility - Nick Etheridge

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