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Yamaha YTS875EX Custom Saxophone - Lacquer


Yamaha YTS875EX Custom Saxophone - Lacquer


The new G3 neck is handmade and offer highly accurate intonation with an improved response.
The octave key has a unique new ball joint design for smoother, quicker action. The new neck receiver improves rhe tonal resonance.
The left hand seesaw key has been redesigned to facilitate playability as well as feel more comfortable.
The bell/body brace features two-point contact for enhanced projection and a free-blowing response.
The center-bow reinforcement plate has been removed on the EX alto for a free blowing resistance.

Finish - Lacquer
Auxiliary Keys - High F#, front F
Key buttons material - Mother of pearl
Bell Decoration - Hand engraved
Pivot Screw - New bullet head design
Thumb hook - Adjustable
Key - Bb
Mouthpiece - TS4CM


WAS £4688.00

Yamaha YTS875EX Custom Saxophone - Lacquer

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