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Yamaha YAS480 Alto Saxophone

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The 480 have many of the same features found on our professional saxophones that provide these intermediate saxophones with greater playability and optimum tone. These are instruments that bring out the best of the performer and ideal choice for up and coming players.


Key - Eb
Bell Type - Two-piece
Decoration - Hand engraved
Key Buttons - Polyester
Auxiliary Keys - High F#, Front F
Thumb Hook - Adjustable
Finish    - Gold lacquer
Neck - 480 style
Mouthpiece - 4C
Case - Included

The YAS/YTS-480 saxophones are a step ahead. With a little bit more resistance, they have an authoritative sound yet a great flexibility due to the separated key guards.

Ergonomics, playability and intonation are excellent as you would e

RRP: £2280.00


Yamaha YAS480 Alto Saxophone

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