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Yamaha YFL412 Flute


The YFL412 flute uses the same designs as the excellent YFL212 student model, upgraded with a .925 solid tube to give added depth of tone and projection. Yamaha has a history of investing in the development of their musical instruments and through this they consistently produce some of the best student instruments available. This model is the closed key option but open hole models are also available. The YFL412 is well worth considering as an upgrade from the YFL212 or other similar silver plated flutes.

YFL412 412 YFL-412

  • Closed keys
  • Pointed Key Arms
  • E Mechanism
  • Head, body & foot made of sterling silver
  • Keys: Silver-Plated Nickel Silver
  • CY head with a polyconical pattern for excellent response and rich sound
  • The flutes of the 400 series are individually manufactured and adjusted by hand
  • Accurate intonation
  • Includes  Yamaha case and accessories

RRP: £2738.40


Yamaha YFL412 Flute
412 head
412 keys
412 thumb keys

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