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Stomvi Elite Eb/D Trumpet - Silver

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The Stomvi Elite trumpets are designed for those professional and semi-professional musicians seeking a powerful sound.The Stomvi Elite trumpets are great for those players interested in the sensations and the sound of a traditional trumpet but with a great playability. The Elite trumpets offer a perfect tuning in all registers and their rich resonant tone makes them excellent to play in any setting. They offer a traditional feel with the advantage of modern playability. The Stomvi Elite are comfortable trumpets both in modern and in classical settings.

The Stomvi Élite trumpets are particularly suitable for Orchestra, Symphonic band, Marching band, Chamber orchestra and Brass quintet, Commercial music and Jazz.



Bore: M
Bell: #20 Eb / #20 D
Leadpipe: #3
Gold trim kit
Finish: silver plated 1000 thousandth
Gold plated finish upon request

Best Seller. Fantastic trumpet. great sound and great tuning. Silver and gold trim. 2 bells, 2 slide sets. Prozone Music's favourite trumpet of all that we stock.


WAS £3093.62

Stomvi Elite Eb/D Trumpet - Silver

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