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GR 65 Rim Compu-bal Trumpet Mouthpiece


Quick Comparison - The GR 65 Series cup diameter is similar to a conventional 5 diameter. Classic Blank is standard. Symphonic Blank is standard on the C** and C models. Studio, Symphonic, and FatBoy are available as a special order on some models.

65 Series: .650"/16.5mm

Standard GR Rim
The Standard GR Rim is composed of medium characteristics.
This rim is comfortable and is generally easy for most players to adapt to quickly.
The width may feel a bit more generous than traditional rims and will aid endurance.
Flexibility is good and articulations will be cleanly defined.
This is our most popular rim choice and "blind" tests have proven that it is favoured over many conventional rims.
Standard Rims have no designation on the mouthpiece itself.

Z* -
The Z Cup has a small cup volume that features a brilliant fat and powerful sound throughout the horn and an astonishingly easy upper register. The Z Cup features a higher alpha angle than the S Cup and longer L1 to achieve optimum lip room for vibrating freedom, support for compression and crisp articulation. The Z* rim has a medium bite and the Z** rim has a softer bite, although, the cup parameters are basically the same.
"While most "conventional commercial" cups tend to shut off vibrations and have a thin tone, the Z Cups have the chop room to allow for free lip vibrations which produce clean articulations, and a full commanding sound from low F# to above Double C! This is an excellent choice for commercial playing, big band, lead-work, marching band, drum corps, and recording. This mouthpiece will really Zing from top to bottom! (Get it?)"
Z* Rim
This popular rim is flatter than the GR E-Rim and will feel more cushioned than the Standard GR Rim, yet with increased grip.
The Z* rim offers secure comfort, endurance and distribution of pressure.
The bite is medium and the alpha is high.
This is a very popular choice for players using conventional "4" rims who need increased endurance with improved articulations.

ES -
Standard GR Rim and #1 Backbore. The ES cup has a higher alpha angle than our standard S cup. It has a smaller first cup radius and an increased beta angle to enhance articulation and sizzle in the extreme upper register. This cup has a very small volume and is shallower in depth to maximize compression.
"The ES cup has a huge sound in the upper register like all other GR Mouthpieces."

S -
The backbore is the GR #1 Backbore with good core to the brilliant sound. The S Cup volume is small, although, it has ample lip room for most players.
"This versatile commercial GR S cup can be used in varied musical situations. The sound is big and brilliant. Projection is excellent. The alpha angle is not too high and does not impinge the lips, furthermore, it has the ability to lightly grip and keeps the lips held into place for great endurance. This cup is great for lead, show work, studio work, and all-around playing."

SZ -
The SZ Cups feature the standard GR-Rim and alpha of the Standard GR Compu-Balanced S cup. The SZ cup basically has the rim and alpha of the S cup and the bottom of the Z with the GR #1 Backbore. The GR Mouthpiece Design Program makes a mathematically perfect design that features less volume than the S cup but more than the Z cup, this design allows for the lip room of the S cup with the edge and compression of the Z cup.    
"The SZ has a powerful big sound and a full sound spectrum, good endurance and added compression for a strong upper register with superb articulation. The SZ cup is outstanding for lead work, marching band/drum corps, Latin, jazz, and studio work, great for microphone work and records well."

MS -     
The MS Cup has a slightly lower alpha angle, greater cup volume, a slight increase in cup depth, as well as, a larger backbore than the S Cup. The MS has the GR #2 backbore as standard. The added volume and a slightly lower alpha angle than the S Cup gives the player more lip room.
"An ideal solution for players who find that the GR S cup is a bit tight for them. The sound is big and full with an excellent core. It has less edge than the S Cup and works well in all playing situations."

M -
The M Cup has the same backbore as the MS Cup, the GR #2 backbore. The M Cup has a slightly lower alpha angle, more volume and more depth than the MS Cup, although, the playing characteristics are similar.
"An ideal all around mouthpiece with a compact core, vibrant feel, and full of overtones. This is the most popular GR Cup."

M2 -
M2 features the GR #2 backbore. The M2 Cup has a slightly lower alpha angle (same as the MX Cup), slightly more volume, although, the depth and throat entrance are the same as the M Cup. The alpha angle is slightly lower than the M Cup and this is an option when more lip room is needed.
"The M2 Cup is often used by players that play larger volume cups for most of their work but occasionally require more compression and sizzle without sacrificing lip room. Think of this as an M cup with more chop room."

MX -
More volume and more cup depth, lower alpha angle than the M Cup, and the larger GR #3 Backbore.
"This cup is popular for larger less resistant horns and also for lighter chamber work. The MX Cup projects well throughout the Concert Hall with a brillaint tone and is very even throughout all registers. If you are looking for a cup that is fat, precise, and brilliant, the MX cup is an ideal choice."

C -
Feature the GR Symphonic Blank, GR Standard Rims, and GR #3 Backbore. The C has a more open throat entrance than the C* and C**. The C design features a higher alpha angle (similar to M cup), a larger cup volume, very open throat entrance, and huge orchestral sound.
"The C is a very powerful mouthpiece that has a great volume of sound, good articulation, and excellent projection. The C is the preferred choice for the orchestra, as well as, for very powerful players requiring a more efficient alpha angle."



GR 65 Rim Compu-bal Trumpet Mouthpiece

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