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P.Mauriat Le Bravo 200 Alto Saxophone - Gold Lacquer

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P. Mauriat Le Bravo 200 alto saxophones are unique for their beautifully brushed clear lacquer finish showing the natural color of the brass underneath and the bright, energetic tone from its dual alloy combination. These are popular upgrade saxes which offer the advancing student a great saxophone at an affordable price. They look and sound great!


• Neck: Nickel silver Super VI
• Standard bell
• Engraving on neck only
• Key touches: Mother of pearl
• Intermediate / Professional class
• Range: Low Bb to high F#
• Finish: Matte clear lacquer
• Complete with PM Traveler (II) case

Now includes a BG Super Revelation ligature

About P. Mauriat
Music is the universal language of the people. It is the medium by which we can individually or collectively share our ideas and express life’s vast range of emotions. Whatever the tool chosen for this endeavour, it must a


P.Mauriat Le Bravo 200 Alto Saxophone - Gold Lacquer
LeBravo bell

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