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Stomvi 5525 Titan Eb/D 4 valve Trumpet


The Stomvi 4 valve Eb/D trumpet is a brand new model designed for todays orchestral trumpeter. With a fine one piece hand hammered orchestral bell the tone colour of this trumpet is an ideal substiute for Bb and C trumpets when required. The 4th valve increases low register allowing the trumpeter to play down to b low concert E. Most 4 valve Eb trumpets do not include D slides as standard, this Stomvi instrument does!


Model - 4 Valve
Leadpipe - #20 (Eb), #21(D)
Bell - #20 BellFlex, #20 Copper
Bore - M .450"
Pistons - Hand lapped Monel
Slides - Hand fit
Waterkeys - Improved Amado style
Finish - Silver Plate with German Silver Trim


Stomvi 5525 Titan Eb/D 4 valve Trumpet

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