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Stomvi TitanHE Cornet - Silver


Stomvi TitanHE large bore Bb cornet in silver plate.


NEW model Titan now in stock! The latest Stomvi Titan cornet is in our opinion the best cornet in manufacture today. Available with three bell options; Bellflex (yellow), goldbrass and solid copper, creating a suitable option for every player. The cornet is free blowing, perfectly in tune and produces a glorious tone. Featuring main tuning slide trigger and a 3rd valve slide trigger it competes with the Besson Prestige cornet on specification however, there is no competition in regard to playability. The Titan wins hands down with an attractive silver plate and black onyx trim finish. This is our cornet of choice!



Large bore
Silver plate
Harmonic clappers (HE models only)
Harmonic piston clappers (HE models only)
Armado waterkeys
Main and 3rd slide tuning triggers
Monel valves with high quality copper springs
3 one piece hand hammered bell options:

Bellflex; The brightest sound, most suited to orchestral and wind band use.

Goldbrass; More depth and warmth in medium and quiet dynamics. Still achieving a good bright sound at loud dynamics. Well suited to brass band and orchestral. Probably the most versatile option.

Solid Copper; Warmest, darkest and most mellow sound. Ideally suited to the brass band and solo work.



Stomvi TitanHE Cornet - Silver

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