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Selmer Paris Seles Axos Alto Saxophone


Selmer Paris Seles Axos Alto Saxophone

New saxophone from the Seles range by Henri Selmer Paris. Made in the same factory with the same techniques and metals used in the high end Selmer's. This ensures that the Axos maintains that 'Selmer' sound which is well known across the industry.

The Axos is made in Selmer's home located in Mantes-la-Ville, France, the same factory where all other models since 1922 have been manufactured. As all Selmer top-of-the-range instruments, this model continues the tradition of craftsmanship whilst integrating new industrial techniques which help make this saxophone more affordable. Selmer's aim is to make quality instruments available to a greater number of musicians - the Axos provides playing comfort with its specially adapted keywork as well as great mechanical reliability.

This new saxophone Axos brings with it the heritage of over a century of history and technical knowledge from Henri SELMER Paris, the world leader in saxophone design and production.



Selmer Paris Seles Axos Alto Saxophone
Seles Axos bell
Seles Axos keywork

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