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GR P-M Compu-Bal Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpiece


GR Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpieces and Adapters have quickly become the standard for piccolo trumpet the world over. Featuring a huge, crisp sound and pointed articulations, the "GR Piccolo Trumpet" sound is the desired sound by top soloists.

With our adapter set, our Piccolo Trumpet System is the most versatile in the industry. Each adapter offers a different blow resistance, which is unique to the trumpet world. Where else can you dial in your perfect blow resistance for each horn, leadpipe, or musical situation?



Quick Comparison;

66 - similar to Bach 3 rim
65 - similar to Bach 5 rim
64 - similar to Bach 7 rim
63 - similar to Bach 10 rim

Cornet shank GR mouthpiece designed for use with the piccolo trumpet.


GR P-M Compu-Bal Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpiece

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