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Vandoren Optimum Bb Ligature w/ Plastic Cap


Vandoren Optimum Bb Ligature w/ Plastic Cap.

  • Light Weight
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Quick and Symmetrical tightening
  • 3 interchangeable plates to give greater options

The ligature offers superb performance and reliability. Precise and rapid tightening is allowed by a unique double-track screw mechanism which tightens both sides of the ligature equally

3 interchangeable pressure plates to adjust the sound, whether playing classical or jazz.

1 - A rich colourful sonority which produces great resonance. Pressure along the fiber of the reed facilitates an unbelievable blowing ease. Incredible ease of articulation.

2 - A more compact, centered sonority, smooth even sound and extraordinary blowing ease.

3 - The reed vibrates in total freedom, producing a very flexible sound. Greater ease of expression..


Vandoren Optimum Bb Ligature w/ Plastic Cap

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