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Neotech Pad-it Saxophone Strap


Neo Tech Pad-it strap
-fits most saxophones
-padded non-stretch design looks and feels great
-High-tech antimicrobial memory foam wicks away moisture so you're cool and comfortable,
-Easy to attach
-Fully adjustable

The padded non-stretch design of the Pad-It Strap™ uses antimicrobial memory foam to cushion your neck and shoulders. Its 2.5" wide neck pad helps to relieve the pressure of heavy instruments such as saxophones, bass clarinets, English horns and oboes.

Fits a wide range of instruments including saxophone, clarinet, English horn, or bassoon and oboe
Cushions with antimicrobial memory foam
Wide neck pad (2.5")
Available in three different hook styles, two lengths

(3901162) Regular-Swivel - 18.75"/23" (47.6cm/58.4cm)
(3901172) XL-Swivel - 21.5"/28" (54.6cm/71.1cm)
(3901192) Regular-Hook - 17"/21.5" (43.2cm/54.6cm)
(3901232) XL-Hook - 20"/26.5" (50.8cm/67.3cm)
(3901282) Regular-Loop - 20"/23" (50.8cm/58.4cm)
(3901272) XL-Loop - 21.5"/25" (54.6cm/63.5cm)


Neotech Pad-it strap-swivel hook

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