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P MAURIAT PMST-600XJ Custom Tenor Saxophone



This horn is the answer for anyone who has wanted to see a vintage style horn built in the modern age. Built with minimal resistance, players can express their sound with greater ease. P Mauriat paid attention to many details to give this Artist model a unique character more reminiscent of the iconic Selmer Mark VI which sets it apart from their mainstream 66 and 76 models. There are modifications in the bow and neck, while the body is that of the 66. In addition, this model has no rolled tone holes and instead features a very low action, contributing towards a highly focussed sound. The action is close making the response of each 600XJ  very light and fast, allowing the player to play technical passages with ease. This sax also features a silver-plated neck and lyre screw and a bow to body brace. It has no top F# key, making the horn even lighter than the already light 66R models.

• Special Hand-engraved body
• Key touches: Mother of pearl
• Professional class
• Range: Low Bb to high F#
• BG Super Revelation Ligature
• Complete with shaped case


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