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Besson 2052-8G-0 Prestige Euphonium - Gold Lacquer


“This new model of the popular Prestige 2052 euphonium is an instrument I have played since the summer of 2018, and it has met with huge and widespread acclaim wherever I have played it and when others have tested it. It’s rich sound, positive and powerful response makes it for me the best Euphonium that I have ever played.

I would invite you to try it!“

Professor Steven Mead

Key - Bb
Model - Prestige 8G
Bell - 12" yellow brass / 304mm
Bore - .590" / 14.98mm
Weight - 10Ib 8oz / 4700g
Waterkeys - 3
Valves - 4 compensating (3+1)
Free floating resonance leadpipe
Removable music lyre
Removable water catcher
Main tuning slide trigger
Left hand thumb action
Gold plated finger buttons, caps, triggers and waterkeys
Finish - Besson gold lacquer with unique engraving


RRP: £7932.98


WAS £6910.81


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