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Yamaha YSL871 Custom Alto trombone


In creating the new YSL-871 and 872 alto trombones, Yamaha has effectively combined its advanced wind instrument technology, nurtured in the making of the Xeno series, with traditional craftsmanship in a basic design. This instrument features a brilliant, rich sound and superior intonation. It gives artists amazing expressive freedom for optimum performance in all genres and styles - an essential quality for today?s wide-ranging musical scene - and is certain be loved by trombone players all over the world.

YSL871 871 YSL-8371 YSL

Key: Eb,
Bore: Dual: 11.95-12.45mm (0.470-0.490")
Bell: Yellow brass, 181.8mm (7 1/8")
Weight: Standard
Outer slide: Nickel silver
Inner slide: Nickel silver
Finish: Clear lacquer

RRP: £3172.80


Yamaha YSL871 Custom Alto trombone

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