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Schilke Standard Trumpet Mouthpiece

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For more than 60 years, Schilke Music Products has been a leader in trumpet mouthpiece design and manufacturing in the world. Many of our mouthpieces are classic, unique and have become industry standards.

Renold Schilke and William Scarlett, a Schilke employee and student of Renold O. Schilke before his appointment as 4th trumpet in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1964, developed the Schilke mouthpiece labeling system. The labeling system we still use today for the Standard Series allows a player to quickly understand how one model relates to another within the mouthpiece line. These mouthpieces were a collaboration with trumpet artists and colleagues of Renold Schilke from 1950’s and early 1960’s.

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Core sizes kept in stock, the complete range is available to order, please contact us for more info. Gold plating available to order only.

11AX - Rim 16.51mm/.650, Throat 26 - This model was developed for the Schilke piccolo trumpets. The “x’ backbore improves the ease of playing and opens up the sound on the piccolo. Also available in a trumpet shank.

12A4a - Rim 16.71mm/.658, Throat 27 - Similar to the 12B4 but with a shallow “A” cup, tight “a” backbore which adds both endurance and range.

12 - Rim 16.69mm/.657, Throat 26 - A traditional medium size mouthpiece that includes a #3 standard rim and “c” backbore allows the player a full spectrum of sound.

13A4a - Rim 16.76mm/.0660, Throat 27 - The shallow “A” cup, semi-flat #4 rim and tight “a” backbore creates an ideal lead mouthpiece.

13B - Rim 16.77mm/.066, Throat 26 - This mouthpiece has a “B” cup that is slightly deeper than the 13A4 and also offers a narrower, round rim.

13 - Rim 16.89mm/0.665, Throat 26 - Ideal choice for a student or developing player with standard #3 rim contour. Rounder rim provides increased flexibility and quick response. “C” cup offers volume for tone.

14A4a - Rim 17.09mm/.673, Throat 27 - One of our most popular mouthpieces, the 14A4a offers a shallow “A” cup, semi-flat #4 rim and tight “a” backbore allows a player a strong upper register without sacrificing tonal production.

14B - Rim 17.02mm/.670, Throat 26 - Similar to the #14 but with a “B” (medium-small) cup size.

14 - Rim 17.02mm/.670, Throat 26 - With a standard rim, cup and backbore, the 14 is an excellent choice for all around playing.

15A4a - Rim 17.14mm/.675, Throat 27 - A larger diameter mouthpiece with a shallow “A” cup and tight “a” backbore for upper register playing. #4 semi-flat rim offers comfort in upper register.

15B - Rim 17.12mm/.674, Throat 26 - With the same diameter as the #15, this mouthpiece includes “B” style cup which produces a more brilliant sound than the standard #15 mouthpiece.

15 - Rim 17.12mm/.674, Throat 26 - An excellent all-around mouthpiece which offers a free blowing, clear sound.

16B4 - Rim 17.2mm/.677, Throat 26 - Same as the #16C4 except the shallower, medium-small “B” cup offers more resistance, providing a brighter quality of sound. The 16B4 is an excellent choice for Eb trumpet when a player requires a bigger rim diameter.

16C4 - Rim 17.2mm/.677, Throat 26 - Similar to the 16 in dimensions, this mouthpiece offers our #4 semi-flat rim for a more traditional feel and increased endurance.

16 - Rim 17.2mm/.677, Throat 26 - With all the standard Schilke charactistics, this medium-large diameter mouthpiece produces a full, free blowing quality.

17B4 - Rim 17.33mm/.682, Throat 26 - Well suited for the player looking for a shallower cup in a larger diameter. Medium-small “B” cup offers more brilliance for projection with #4 semi-flat rim for comfort.

17 - Rim 17.33mm/.682, Throat 26 - A compromise of all the medium characteristics, this mouthpiece is an excellent medium to large diameter mouthpiece.

17D4 - Rim 17.33mm/.682, Throat 26 - This mouthpiece includes a deeper “D” cup and #4 semi-flat rim for improved endurance.

17D4d - Rim 17.33mm/.682, Throat 26 - A larger blowing mouthpiece than the 17D4 because of the increase “d” backbore.

18 - Rim 17.52mm/.690, Throat 26 - The high point being nearer to the center makes this mouthpiece feel smaller than it is. The standard characteristics produce a rich, brilliant tone.

A staple mouthpiece for pro players over the years, the classic Schilke's provide clear projection and a solid tone. Nearly every trumpet player has one of these in their bag, if not, you should!

18 - Similar to a Bach 1.25C
17 - Similar to a Bach 1.5C
14 - Similar to a Bach 3C, great for all round playing.
12 - Similar to a Bach 5C
12A4A - Similar to 64Z*, great lead mouthpiece.



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