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Stomvi Master '5583' Eb/D Trumpet - Silver with Gold trim


The Stomvi Master trumpets evolved from the product first created more than 30 years ago when Stomvi embarked on the adventure of creating high quality innovating instruments. Naturally, the Master trumpets have developed over the last three decades. With their own personality, characterized by their versatility, power and acoustic quality. They have a deep rounded sonority and they produce a rich resonant tone full of harmonics.

The Master trumpets feature two bells, two lead pipes and two main tuning slides, each one with their own separate numbers. With this design, the air runs very smoothly without any interruptions, the sound is very accurate and the flexibility is great in the upper and lower range.


Medium bore
Bells: #20 (bellflex, gold plated) & #20 (copper, silver plated))
Leadpipe: #20
Main tuning slides #20 & #23
Gold trim kit
Stomvi double case
3C mouthpiece


Stomvi Master '5583' Eb/D Trumpet - Silver with Gold trim

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