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JP 331 Bb/F Trombone


The JP331RATH medium large bore (.525") Bb/F trombone is the latest in a line of collaborations with trombone guru Michael Rath. Michael has put many years of experience into the design of the leadpipe, the operation of the valve and the methods of construction. The custom designed leadpipe gives excellent response in all registers while retaining support for inexperienced players. The ergonomic thumb lever is easy to adjust for smaller hands and the closed-wrap design and counterweight ensure optimum balance and enable younger players to retain good posture beyond 4th position. This instrument sets new standards in the intermediate market and beyond.

Model: JP331 Rath
Key: Bb/F
Bell Size: High Grade Brass 203.2mm (8”)
Valves: 1 Rotary
Bore: Medium Large 13.34mm (.525”)
Water Keys: 2
Body: High Grade Brass
Finish: Lacquer (JP331)
Lyre Box: No



JP 331 Bb/F Trombone

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