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Azumi AZ Z3

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The combination of  handmade headjoints, produced by ALTUS for AZUMI,  with a quality flute body and mechanism are the result of a lifetime of devoted work. The headjoint design is one of the most important elements for the characteristic of a flute´s tone. The significance of the headjoint inspired the founder of AZUMI flutes - Shuichi Tanaka to produce a handmade headjoint combined with a flute body that is affordable, yet of a high production quality. With this vision the AZUMI flute series was born – to satisfy the different demands of the beginner and the advanced musician.

The ethos behind Azumi flutes is to give young players a flute with which they can develop their playing to advanced levels at an affordable price. In today’s flute market, AZUMI makes the difference, it gives them the instrument for the future.


  • Handcut Altus Z-cut .925 'Sterling' headjoint
  • .925 'Sterling' body
  • Silver-plated mechanism
  • Available with closed or open holes at the same price
  • Offset G key
  • Split E mechanism
  • French style Pointed key-arms
  • Available with C footjoint or B footjoint
  • SP-1 springs make the keywork respond more quickly

Includes case, cleaning accessories and plush-lined case cover

It is true to say that as you move to a solid silver head joint and then .925 Sterling silver tube, the tonal character of the flute develops more depth and complexity. The Z3 is the top of the Azumi range and offers an affordable choice matched with an Altus handmade head joint. AZUMI flutes have a clear response, a brilliant sound and a precise intonation.


Azumi AZ Z3

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