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Phil Parker London S2 Trumpet - Lacquer


Phil Parker London S2 Trumpet - Lacquer

A superb upgrade trumpet from the knowledgeable guys at Phil Parker London. A very good build quality and high-end raw materials mark this trumpet out as offering great value for money, combined with a more professional feel and design than other instruments in this price range, the Parker series II will take the player well past grade 8. This instrument is capable of making a fantastic sound and will take more air than its competitors at this level. As such, it suits the slightly stronger player who is happy to use plenty of air. Supplied with backpack case, 3C mouthpiece. La tromba oils and lubes.


Bore: ML 0.460”
Leadpipe: 85% Gold brass, ML
Bell: 85% Gold brass, 37 size, 5.000” diameter, bead
Tuning slide: Inner yellow brass/ Outer yellow brass
Accessories: Bach styled 3C mouthpiece, La Tromba T2 valve oil, Ultra Pure tuning slide grease


Phil Parker London S2 Trumpet - Lacquer

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