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Yamaha YTR-9636 Eb/D Trumpet - Silver


Yamaha YTR-9636 Eb/D Trumpet - Silver

"The YTR-9636 was developed with John Hagstrom of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The new design incorporates a unique "S"shape leadpipe configuration utilizing the MC1 leadpipe taper from the "Chicago" series Artist Model trumpets. This helps to produce exceptional intonation and response characteristics. Hand-lapping pistons and slides ensures an absolutely perfect fit and seal between the piston and casing or slide parts. Such a perfect fit helps to achieve smooth air flow and smooth action and improve the response and intonation of the instrument. Perfectly rounded tubing results in less turbulence and a smoother air flow, thus allowing for an excellent scale and reduced resistance. A one-piece bell has a side seam, making it a continuous extension of the instrument's material. This results in pure, uniform resonance and tone. A hand hammered yellow brass bell produces a perfectly-balanced tone with quick response and extra presence due to advanced manufacturing."


Fixed bell (Non bell tuning system)
MC1 leadpipe (same venturi size)
Two-piece valve casing (top:nickel/silver ; lower:brass)
Extra main tuning slide and 1st & 3rd for D
Caps and button as Chicago model
Case: new TRC-810 double case with strap

RRP: £5742.00


Yamaha YTR-9636 Eb/D Trumpet - Silver

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