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These astonishing mouthpieces are now widely used in all sections of the business. Mixing the most up to date scientific technologies alongside the musical expertise of Gary Radtke (GR), GR have produced the most perfectly manufactured mouthpieces on planet earth. We’ve played them……..and now we’re playing them! 

Why play a GR Mouthpiece? Here are a few simple reasons:

No - Discontinuity Design

More sound with less effort because in a GR Mouthpiece, there are no "speed bumps" as in all other mouthpieces made today.  Better sound, improved intonation, cleaner articulations, and easier upper register are also due to this GR Design.GR Technologies has carefully defined the mouthpiece with mathematical parameters. With this progressive thinking comes a new tool for mouthpiece design. With this new paradigm in brass instrument technology and development comes change. Now that we have lines, arcs, points, and angles to describe the mouthpiece we will not be using the same terminology as other makers.  GR’s

No - Discontinuity Design Program developed by Gary Radtke ensures that every mouthpiece designed by GR solves the Sound Wave Equation.  This means that the sound wave is taken into account in the design of every GR Mouthpiece.  By solving the Sound Wave Equation, the sound wave travels through the mouthpiece and  reflects back from the bell without any interruptions what so ever.   This is accomplished by removing all Discontinuities from the design.  Each parameter of the GR Design seamlessly flows together for improved slotting, intonation, articulations, range, and a vibrant sound full of overtones. A Discontinuity in a mouthpiece occurs when there is an abrupt change in any parameter.  Discontinuities will cause the sound wave to alter it's course and not line up properly.  This affect is similar to adding a speed bump to a super highway.  GR Mouthpieces contain no discontinuities.  All other mouthpieces made today do contain discontinuities either due to design or the manufacturing process.

Superior Manufacturing Techniques

Mouthpiece designer and manufacturer Gary Radtke (GR) has an extensive background in both musical performance and education, and manufacturing and design.  His experience in both playing trumpet professionally and teaching has enabled him to assess players, and determine the direction to proceed to fix any playing or equipment problems.Gary's many years of design and manufacturing experience has allowed him to use manufacturing techniques that are unique to GR Technologies, and design special tooling also unique to GR. In fact, we have had a number of our competitors call and ask for assistance at times!

GR Technologies uses the latest in "state of the art" machinery and machining techniques unique to GR Technologies.  The GR Mouthpiece finishing process is also unique to GR.  Our platers have complimented us on how incredibly well prepared our parts are for plating.  We have been told that our finished parts are the best they have ever seen.  Our customers have compared our mouthpieces to the finish on fine jewelry.  Our mouthpieces come off the lathe with no tooling marks or scratches!  We also hold our platers to the highest of standards.

Why Play GR Mouthpieces?

Unparalleled Quality, Precision, Craftsmanship.  Outstanding Playability, Comfort, Sound, Accuracy, Intonation.  

The World's Finest Brass Mouthpieces. (content courtesy of GR web site) www.grmouthpieces.com








Vincent Bach Artisan range of trumpets: Prozone Music is first in the queue for this exiting new range from Vincent Bach. It has been many years since this great manufacturer has launched a new range. These new models do not replace any existing trumpets and are an entirely new “custom shop” addition to the already fantastic range of trumpets offered by Vincent Bach. The outfit has various up-graded features with regard to additional engraving and deluxe case etc which we should expect from a trumpet at the top of the range, importantly there are also real new innovations that enhance the playing characteristics across the range. It has been found by other manufactures (Yamaha) that changing the material of the valve guides changes acoustic properties for the whole trumpet and here the Artisan trumpet is issued with two sets of guides, metal and plastic, allowing the musician to choose which is best. The bells are acoustically treated with a freezing process to enhance resonance, ferrules are enhanced for improved acoustic properties throughout the instrument and the bell and lead pipe design overall are new. Well worth considering and trying. Bach have not been favoured for the smaller trumpets in recent years and rightly so, they have been rubbish! Now we have a complete re-design and things are looking up. The Eb/D is along the successful lines chosen by Schilke and Stomvi with a long bell design and two bells supplied in Eb and D as such you find two separate trumpets that are equally successful in Eb and D. we are hopeful this new Eb/D trumpet will combine the playability of the Stomvi and Schilke trumpets but with an addition of a Bach bell…. It good be outstanding! Similarly the picc has taken its cor concept from the successful design of Schilke and Stomvi but combined with a Bach sound it is an exciting prospect.  Prozone Music will receive the first set of trumpets to the UK and delivery is anticipated in June. If you wish to be among the first to try this new range do get in touch and we will contact you when delivery is imminent. We are also accepting pre-orders for those who are really excited………….. The makers of world famous Bach Stradivarius trumpets bring you five exciting new Stradivarius models – Introducing The Artisan Collection by Vincent Bach



Bach Stradivarius - No other brand evokes more passion, loyalty, and respect.  Exceptional tonal colour, balanced response, and superb projection are hallmarks of designs by Vincent Bach.  Carrying on the legacy and true to the vision of the master craftsman, the makers of today’s Bach Stradivarius proudly introduce The Artisan Collection.  The Artisan Collection features new Bb, C, Eb, tuneable bell D/Eb combination, and 4 valve long bell piccolo trumpets.  Skillfully handcrafted, Artisan culminates in a unique blend of classic design, elegant styling, and the signature Bach sound.  Design features include a one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell with flat rim, special acoustic bell treatment, two-piece nickel/brass valve casing construction, Monel pistons, sets of brass and plastic valve guides, enhanced radius ferrules, 1st slide split ring, unique serial number sequence, and deluxe engraving.  All models are outfitted in elegant cases that combine classic Vincent Bach styling, contemporary materials, and exceptional design. 


The Artisan Collection

AB190 – Key of Bb, .459” bore, extended low F 3rd slide rod stop, available in silver-plate as AB190SAC190 - Key of C, .462” bore, available in silver-plate finish as:

 AC190SAE190 – Key of Eb, .462” bore, extra dual bore main tuning slide, available in silver-plate finish as:

AE190SADE190 – Key of D/Eb, .450” bore, tuneable bells with flat rim in D and Eb. Separate set of slides for D and Eb, available in silver-plate finish as:

ADE190SAP190 – Key of A/Bb, .450” bore, 4 valves, set of four mouthpipes includes both trumpet and cornet shank mouthpiece receivers, available in silver-plate finish as AP190S 

Over a year in the making, development of The Artisan Collection was aided by long-time Bach artists Michael Sachs, principal trumpet, The Cleveland Orchestra, and Phil Smith, principal trumpet, New York, Philharmonic Orchestra.  Special thanks go to both Michael and Phil for their contributions to acoustic design and testing. “Players all across the country are giving rave reviews about the sound, the response, and the quality of today’s Bach professional trumpets,” said Jeff Christiana, Director of Marketing for Bach.  “The Artisan Collection enhances the entire line of Bach Stradivarius by offering today’s players the look, feel and signature Bach sound of vintage Bach designs.  Staying true to key elements of Vincent Bach’s original designs was critical in the development of this new collection.”  Whether a passionate enthusiast or performing artist, experience The Artisan Collection and discover the Artisan within.



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