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Antigua ProOne AS6200VLQ Alto Saxophone - Lacquer

Entry pro level sax from Antigua. The ProOne is a brand new saxophone for the 21st Century, designed by Peter Ponzol. With it's mixture of drawn & rolled tone holes plus some truly innovative features this is one sax you must check out


Size : 2.54cm X 57cm

Key : Eb
Neck : Custom Ponzol-design (hand made)
Neck Material : Vintage Reserve™ Alloy
Body Material : Vintage Reserve™ Alloy
Bell : Vintage Reserve™ Alloy; One-piece
Key Material : Yellow Brass
Key Touches : Mother of pearl
Finish : Vintage Gold lacquer
Tone Holes : Hybrid – Low Bb, B and C Rolled; all others Drawn
Auxiliary Keys : Front F; High F# key
Mouthpiece : Custom-matched hard rubber
Mouthpiece Cap : Yellow brass; Gold lacquer
Ligature : Yellow brass; Gold lacquer
Spring Type : German Blue steel needle
Pad Type : Waterproof Italian leather
Bell Decoration : Hand engraved
Thumb Hook : Adjustable / Brass
Pivot Screw : Parabolic tip design with head
Mounting : Ribbed and flanged

Price : £1,435.00
Quantity :
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