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  • Yamaha Cork Grease - hard

    Yamaha Cork Grease - hard
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    Regular Price: £11.00

    Special Price: £10.00

    You Save: £
  • ProGuard Lin-ear PR20 Earplugs

    The ProGuard Lin-Ear PR20 Music earplug features a re-useable 19dB linear attenuation filter that is CE approved to EN352-2:2002. The filter fits neatly into soft flexible silicon eartips (2 sizes available, standard and small) that provide comfort a

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    Price : £14.50
  • PBuzz

    Designed and made by the team behind the award winning series of instruments; PBone, PBone Mini and Ptrumpet. The pBuzz is a completely new musical instrument that's fun and easy to play. The mouthpiece has been designed to be simple and easy to play

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    Price : £19.99
  • Vandoren ZZ Alto Saxophone Reeds (Box 10)

    Vandoren ZZ Alto Saxophone Reeds (Box 10)


    "Developed in 2002, the ZZ jazz reed is immediately responsive without sacrificing the brightness or tone quality required for this syle of music. The unique relationship between the heart and tip pro

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    Price : £27.55
  • Vandoren V21 Bb Clarinet Reed (Box of 10)

    Vandoren V21 Bb Clarinet Reed (Box of 10)


    This unique combination makes all registers of the clarinet more accessible with warmth and a depth of sound. It will allow you to play with amazing presence and immediate response.
    V21 is the perfect
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    Price : £28.45
  • K&M 12218 Music Stand Tray

    A practical music and instrument tray made of aluminum with felt inner-lining. Attaches to K&M stands with tubing diameter up to 30 mm.
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    Price : £29.95
  • JazzLab Silencer

    Mouthpiece exercises for woodwind instruments are one of the best methods to continually improve your sound. Embouchure, breathing and articulation can also be optimally trained. In practice, however, there is one grave disadvantage: the sound of
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    Price : £39.99
  • Bremner Sshhtraight Mute - Trumpet

    Bremner Sshhtraight Mute - Trumpet

    The sshhtraight mutes are the latest line of brass mutes by sshhmute.
    So...what makes the sshhtraight different to other brands of straight mutes??
    For starters, it is made with the same hard-wearing and light-weigh
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    Price : £44.25
  • Bremner Sshh Trumpet/Cornet Whisper Mute

    Bremner Sshh Trumpet/Cornet Whisper Mute

    The Whisper, currently available for Trumpet/Cornet, creates a professional and unique timbre to contribute to a player’s or brass section’s arsenal of instrument sounds. Durable, lightweight, and h
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    Price : £46.50
  • Reed & Squeak Single Clarinet Case

    Reed & Squeak Single Clarinet Case

    Extremely versatile single lightweight case. Made with a high quality waterproof fabric on the outside and a soft protective fabric enhanced by a polyethylene padding and stiff wooden boards inside. A cle

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    Price : £49.00

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