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Yamaha trumpets now feature some of the most exciting design concepts in the market today. This may be a surprise for some players as traditionally we have seen Yamaha producing trumpets with great build quality that are incredibly easy to play but often lacking that little bit of sparkle and something special. All Yamaha trumpets are available in lacquer or silver plate (silver costs a little more). I would usually always advise silver plate but the Yamaha lacier is easily the strongest around so you this is also a good option.

I'll deal with the student range first, so if this is of no interest skip on down the page for the pro trumpets.

Yamaha student trumpet YTR 1335. The entry level model and still probably the best playing student trumpet on the market, this trumpet is now made in China but don't let that put you off, it is still an exceptionally well made trumpet which delivers in all areas. Generally speaking most student trumpets that we sell (so not the real junk that you can get if you're not careful) play well and of a similar standard so it comes down to personal preference which one should buy. The Yamaha however is definitely a cut above. A good player could use this trumpet on a pro gig if they had too and it generally blows better in every way than it's competition. In addition good build quality and reliability make it generally trouble free throughout its life. If you factor in great re-sale values as another positive, you can justify the more expensive price tag even for a beginner!

Yamaha student trumpet YTR 2335. The next step model. This trumpet is basically a 1335 with first valve slide and shunt; personally I'd stick with the 1335 as it doesn't really warrant the extra investment for this function which a student can do without.

Yamaha student trumpet YTR 4335. This model is still the best selling up grade trumpet in the world. It features include a gold brass bell which adds warmth to the sound, top sprung hand lapped monel valves ensuring a fine and durable valve action, 1st and third valve finger hooks, medium large bore, good quality case and mouthpiece. The medium large bore allows for a freer blowing feel and the gold brass bell puts some good quality into the sound.

Yamaha trumpet YTR 6335. Classed by Yamaha as a professional model, this is really the top student trumpet from Yamaha. It has the usual good build quality etc that you would expect but with the price tag, we feel you’d be better off with another brand at this price point, something like a Stomvi Classica will provide a lot more excitement and thrill for your money. The 6335 has a one piece bell, medium large bore and fixed finger ring.

Yamaha Bobby Shew trumpet YTR 6310Z. Wow, this is an amazing trumpet at a great price. A truly light weight horn, one could argue that it’s a one trick pony, but if you’re looking for something to go loud, fast and high that won’t break the bank, then this could be it! It features a one piece 5” yellow brass bell, reversed lead pipe and light weight chassis. With a medium large bore, it is free blowing and exhibits the great build quality you would expect. The difference is Yamaha have listened to a great trumpeter (Bobby Shew) and made the necessary modifications to turn an average trumpet like the 6335 into something special and for a purpose. The success of this model is in the courage shown to make an instrument that is not for everyone. It won’t work in a symphony orchestra, but if you’re playing in a big band or even smaller jazz work, it’s easy to play, hot when blowing hard but warms up nicely for the quieter stuff. You should give it a try.

Yamaha Xeno trumpets. The Xeno is Yamaha’s main pro trumpet. It is well though of and I have noticed pro players either like or dislike the Xeno, there is not much middle ground. As a rule I would say it is a very easy trumpet to play well. All the notes are where they should be and there are far fewer intonation discrepancies and differences in sound timbre across the range than you will find on something like a Bach Strad. Generally you can wack the air down the tube and the notes are all where you expect! However, some players feel the sound lacks quality, particularly for the classical player who may be looking for more over tones and richness that seem to come from trumpets such as The Bach Strad. whilst less well engineered by today’s standards, there is unquestionably something special in the sound of the Bach which you do not find in a Yamaha Xeno.

There are many variations available of lead pipe, material and weight. So rather than deal with each model individually I will write a little about how these changes effect the instrument across all brands and them you can apply the knowledge to which ever model you wish. Hopefully this will help to narrow down the large choice available!

Bell material; the main options available are gold brass bell, rose brass bell and yellow brass bell. The colour of the brass is decided by the copper content within the metal. More copper equals a darker colour. Rose brass and gold brass are generally a similar material and it will create a warmer darker sound possibly giving more quality, but not as brilliant a sound at higher dynamics as a yellow brass bell.

Lead pipe; two options, reversed and standard. On a trumpet with a standard lead pipe you will find that the tuning slide goes into the lead pipe. On a reversed lead pipe trumpet the lead pipe goes into the tuning slide. The result is that there is a smoother transition for the air between lead pipe and tuning slide on a reversed lead pipe model reducing turbulence and resistance in the tube. One is not better than the other just different and the choice is down to personal taste. As a bi-product, on many reversed lead pipe trumpets in order to accommodate the change, the main bell stay has to be moved towards the valve block allowing the bell full resonance earlier; this can lead to a brighter, more vibrant sound.

In addition to these standard variations, through consultation with various top trumpeters Yamaha have introduced more Xeno models with some subtle differences recommended by the musicians.

Yamaha Xeno Bb trumpet YTR8335RGSUK Heavy weight reversed lead pipe, ML bore ,gold brass bell ,fixed heavy weight third finger ring.

Yamaha Xeno Bb trumpet YTR8335EU- launching this weekend, I’ll let you know!

Yamaha Bobby Shew Custom Bb trumpet - YTR8310Z. Designed by Bobby Shew this takes the light weight concept of the 6310Z applied to the Xeno chassis. A great result is achieved it has all the characteristics of the 6310Z but with a little more quality and depth in the sound and as such is a more useable and versatile trumpet than the 6310Z.

Yamaha LA Custom Bb trumpet- Wayne Bergeron YTR8335LA. Designed by Wayne Bergeron the main man in LA right now. This is, in our opinion, the best trumpet in the range. It is truly versatile with a scorching and secure high register yet a little more weight in the sound than the Bobby Shew means it is able to cope with some studio and classical stuff as well as the big band. A must try horn. Malone MB1 gold brass lead pipe, ML bore, 1 piece yellow brass bell with flattened French bead bell rim (allowing greater resonance).

Yamaha Miyashiro Custom Bb trumpet- Eric Miyashiro YTR8340EM. If you have seen the Maynard Ferguson tribute DVD you’ll know Eric and if you haven’t you should! This man is a power house and the trumpet he has designed will take it. It is the loudest trumpet I have ever played and it is secure and strong up top. Large bore, reversed lead pipe, very large 1 piece light weight yellow brass bell with French flat bead, super light weight chassis with custom low impact stays. A must try horn for any jazz or lead player. For classical players you can own one for fun but it won’t do Mahler I’m afraid!

Yamaha New York Artist model Bb and C trumpets YTR9335NYS. Designed in conjunction with Robert Sullivan of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and played by Rod Franks of the LSO, this is the Rolls Royce of Orchestral trumpets. Malone MC2 lead pipe- more open lead pipe with smaller venture designed to give a darker and more rounded sound , ML bore unique tapered bell design (the material gets gradually thinner from the point at which it leaves the valve block until the end of the bell flare creating greater resonance) flat French bead to bell rim. Narrow braced (lead pipe and bell closer together), Silver plate only.

Yamaha Chicago Artists model Bb and C trumpets YTR9335CHS. Designed in conjunction with John Hagstrom and the trumpet section at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. 1 piece yellow brass bell with gradually tapering wall, flat French bead to bell rim, heavy weight top and bottom caps with additional bracing giving greater projection and depth to the sound, Bob Malone MB2 reversed lead pipe, Silver plate only.

The Artist models are something special for the classical player, extremely flexible and easy across the range, they now have the sound quality that Yamaha has been looking for many years, great to play and sounding even better, it will take a lot to beat these models. At the moment the Chicago C trumpet is our best selling C trumpet by a very long way (we rarely sell anything else if the player has tried one). Conversely it is the New York model which is most popular on the Bb side.

We’re really impressed with Yamaha. For the students they still offer great quality though the prices have gone up and up and they may have just pushed the budget a bit far. On the up grade and pro side, over recent years they have been listening to the right players and ended up with a range which consists of some really special pro models. In having the courage to change the design and make the necessary changes to the existing Xeno models they have created trumpets for every purpose and I would be surprised if there isn’t the perfect model for you within the range. Yamaha trumpets.

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