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Prozone Music Launches FREE LESSONS with the purchase of any Sax, Clarinet or Flute. Having been to see us and taken our expert advice on the choice of your dream instrument, you will be itching to get better! As part of our in store service when buying, you will have received tonnes of tips and tricks already. As if that isn't enough, from May 2017, we are now offering a FREE full lesson with our woodwind expert Adrian Woods when you have purchased an instrument from us. There is no obligation to continue with further lessons, you won't receive any sales pitches and there is no pressure. Our promotion is also running on Clarinets and Flutes so there is no better time to learn to play the instrument you always wanted to! - Should you want to continue with more lessons after your first completely FREE session with Adrian, we can either book you in or find you a teacher in your local area. Get in contact with us for more information. or contact adrian@prozonemusic.com for enquiries.

Tue Mar 15,GR Delivers!

Massive GR trumpet mouthpiece re stock order arriving today. Completely re vitalising our vast stock of these fine mouthpieces. Particularly popular and in demand are the Wayne Bergeron range of GR mouthpieces. GR sales are at a record high, drop in store for a thorough testing session or call us to arrange trials via mail order. GR will change your life, so find THE ONE!


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  • Alto Saxophone Reeds
  • Fibracell Alto Sax Reed (Single)

    Fibracell Alto Sax Reed (Single)

    Composite reed. Whilst we can't guarantee it will last for ever, this reed is designed to last a very long time.


    Fibracell material is a composite of aerospace materials designed to precisely duplicate the wa...

    More info >>

    Price : £13.95
  • Legere Alto Sax Reed (Single)

    Legere Reed. High quality synthetic reed as now widely used by professional players....

    More info >>

    Price : £18.60
  • Rico La Voz Alto Saxophone Reeds (Box 10)

    Rico La Voz Alto Saxophone Reeds (Box 10)


    Similar to the Rico cut, La Voz reeds are unfiled and feature a thinner profile and blank. The La Voz strength range offers greater flexibility, and their deep, powerful tone makes them a standard am...

    More info >>

    Price : £24.15
  • Rico Royal Alto Sax Reed (Box 10)

    Rico Royal Alto Sax Reed (Box 10)


    The Rico Royal reed combines the features of the traditional Rico cut with a French file. Designed for advancing players, Rico Royal offers an even response across the registers and more clarity in the sound...

    More info >>

    Price : £24.15
  • D'Addario Reserve Alto Saxophone Reed (Box 10)

    D'addario Reserve Alto Saxophone Reed (Box 10)


    A thick blank reed that offers a rich, warm tone, a heavy spine that promotes dynamic flexibility and exceptional tone quality in all registers, a narrow rail slope to produce consistency of resp...

    More info >>

    Price : £24.80
  • D'Addario (Rico) Jazz Select Alto Sax Reed (Box 10)

    D'Addario (Rico) Jazz Select Alto Sax Reed - Filed (Box 10)


    Select Jazz reeds feature the thickest spine and blank of D'Addario's jazz reeds, with a traditional tip shape. The Select Jazz cut offers great projection, focus, and a vibrant sound....

    More info >>

    Price : £25.25
  • Vandoren V16 Alto Sax Reeds (Box 10)

    Vandoren V16 Alto Sax Reeds (Box 10) 


    Launched in 1993 to answer the demand of some American jazz musicians (a JAVA with even more wood). The V16 has a thicker tip than the traditional Vandoren reeds and a longer palette. This results i...

    More info >>

    Price : £27.55
  • Vandoren Traditional Alto Sax Reed (Box 10)

    Vandoren Traditional Alto Sax Reed - Box of 10 reeds



    This reed is designed to produce a quality of extremely pure sound due to a very thin reed tip (the area of reed with maximum vibration), balanced by a solid vertebral column (more...

    More info >>

    Price : £27.55
  • Vandoren JAVA Green Alto Sax Reeds (Box 10)

    Vandoren JAVA Green Alto Sax Reeds (Box 10)


    Developed in 1983 for jazz and popular music. A thicker tip and a more flexible palette* than the Traditional reed allow vibration over a larger surface area with maximum elasticity.

    This type of ve...
    More info >>

    Price : £27.55
  • Vandoren JAVA Red Alto Sax Reeds (Box 10)

    Vandoren JAVA Red Alto Sax Reeds (Box 10)


    The driving force behind the JAVA “Filed - Red Cut” design was to offer more sonic possibilities to musicians while keeping the qualities of the original Java.

    More flexible than its elder...
    More info >>

    Price : £27.55
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