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Sat Jan 27,Rath Trombones Deliver!

We're very pleased with our new shipment of Rath trombones! Great to receive such fantastic quality from a British manufacture. We are now fully stocked again so drop in and give these awesome hand made hooters a blow.


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  • Bb and A Clarinets
  • Uebel Classic Bb Clarinet

    The Uebel Classic is a fantastic intermediate clarinet. Made from selcted seasoned Grenadilla wood it has silver plated keys, undercut tone holes and an adjustable thumb rest.

    It comes with a mouthpiece, 2 barrels 65mm and 66mm, Rovner ligature and ...

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    RRP: £875.00

    Our Price: £775.00

    You Save: £
  • Yamaha YCL450 Bb Clarinet

    The Yamaha 450 is a great upgrade instrument. Made of African blackwood with silver plated keys it produces a warm, rich sound.

    The instrument uses designs similar to the professional custom range including a 65mm barrel design which allows for a fo...

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    RRP: £1,036.00

    Our Price: £932.00

    You Save: £
  • Buffet E12F Clarinet

    Buffet E12F Bb student clarinet. ""

    Strong points:

    -Good quality leather pads ensure an air tight seal over the hole.

    -The E12F is made from carefully selected and stabilised grenadilla wood.

    -The wood is covered in a colourless stain to help preve...

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    RRP: £1,100.12

    Our Price: £990.11

    You Save: £
  • Yamaha YCL650 Bb Clarinet

    The specifications of the Yamaha 650-S clarinet's bell, barrel, toneholes and other features are very close to those of Yamaha's top Custom models, and its handcrafted finishing ensures top quality performance.

    The YCL-650S is excellent value for mone...

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    RRP: £1,310.00

    Our Price: £1,179.00

    You Save: £
  • Uebel Advantage Bb Clarinet

    Excellent intermediate model clarinet. Made from good quality wood it is produced in Germany. The Advantage is a free-blowing instrument, it has Silver-plated keys, boehm system and has the option of an Eb lever.

    It comes in a sturdy case with a V...

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    Price : £1,225.00
  • Selmer Paris Seles Prologue Bb Clarinet

    New ebony Bb clarinet from Henri Selmer Paris, the Prologue!

    SELMER Paris has recently extended its range of clarinets with the brand new SeleS. The Prologue clarinet features high quality experienced craftsmanship from the world renown Henri ...

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    RRP: £1,717.82

    Our Price: £1,326.50

    You Save: £
  • Buffet E13 Bb Clarinet (New Case)

    The E13 is the best selling up grade wooden clarinet in the world. Available here from Prozone Music at a fantastic price. Made entirely of African blackwood, this clarinet provides the musician with a sound quality not found on any other clarinet in...

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    RRP: £1,520.96

    Our Price: £1,368.86

    You Save: £
  • Buffet E13 A Clarinet

    High Quality woden A clarinet. suitable for grade 8 and beyond. Outfit with double case.

    Made entirely of African blackwood, this clarinet provides young musicians with their first experience of playing a truly great clarinet. The precision bore is ...

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    RRP: £1,712.70

    Our Price: £1,541.43

    You Save: £
  • Yamaha CXII Custom Bb Clarinet


    Yamaha YCL-CXII Bb Clarinet

    The YCL-CX II is the first in the range of custom series clarinets. It has a full round sound with an immediate clarity to the tone, inset tone holes and a silver-plated bell ring for improved presence and openness...

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    RRP: £2,002.00

    Our Price: £1,802.00

    You Save: £
  • SeleS par Henri Selmer, Presence Bb Clarinet

    Henri SELMER Paris unveils its new brand in Seles, a new model named clarinet - Presence
    With its innovative drills, this clarinet delivers unique acoustic qualities and is defined by ease of play and show, accompanied by an exceptional homogeneity. ...
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    RRP: £3,142.97

    Our Price: £2,427.00

    You Save: £
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