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Sat Jan 27,Rath Trombones Deliver!

We're very pleased with our new shipment of Rath trombones! Great to receive such fantastic quality from a British manufacture. We are now fully stocked again so drop in and give these awesome hand made hooters a blow.

Fri Oct 20,Yamaha Sale

Sale Alert. Massive discounts on selected Yamaha instruments. Prices monitored daily to provide best value in the UK on Yamaha instruments. If you find it cheaper elsewhere we will beat it!




This part of our site celebrates vintage and custom instruments. In an industry constantly bombarding us with new models and designs, BRASS MONKEY looks back, upside down, sideways, round corners and in caves for stunning and increasingly rare gems still to be found. If you're looking for an instrument with charm, history, character and maybe a bit of "bling" but above all one that plays like a dream....BRASS MONKEY is for you. - "They don't make 'em like they used to!"


BRASS MONKEY focusses squarley on the the playability of the instrument. Our instruments are compression tested, scoured for red rot and other nasties, play tested and then reviewed - if the instruments do not meet our rigourous testing, they will not appear on Brass Monkey. We find many instruments that, whilst looking ropey, require nothing more than a full monkey service to unlock decades more music making. Others have underlying issues which require more specialist attention to bring them back to life. Our workshop shows these instruments the delicate but sometimes bold attention needed to revive them to a supreme playing standard.


There are 4 catagories at BRASS MONKEY:



These instruments are renowned vintage models or other interesting gems that we have sourced or sellers have brought to us. The instruments are overhauled in the BRASS MONKEY workhshop to ensure tight valve compression, renewed slides, improving the blow with mouthpipe or reciever alterations if necessary. Where we think improvements can be made to enhance the blow - we make them. This can include reworking of piston vents, knuckle joints, venturi (the 'gap') alteration, light valve lapping, slide balancing and other techniques. These instruments are either in their original factory finish or have been stripped, polished and re lacquered or plated to their orginal factory finish spec. Exact lacquer or plating types are used where possible. BRASS MONKEY instruments are reconditioned faithfully to their original factory condition using original replacement or pre fabricated after market parts.



These instruments are waiting to be shown the 'Monkey Love'. They are identified as good, solid examples of rare, vintage or interesting models but are "pre overhaul". All are compression tested and unless otherwise stated are in good working mechanical order with moving slides. MONKEY PROJECT instruments are waiting for the buyer to decide on customisation choices and level of reconditioning or overhauling depending on your budget. All MONKEY PROJECT instruments are good to go as they are so you may wish to buy one now and give it the Monkey Love at a later date. They are likely to have cosmetic flaws, lacquer wear, minor dents, sluggish slides or valves but nothing that cannot be sorted in the workshop - Instruments not passing our rigourous tests are rejected and will not appear on the Brass Monkey catalogue. You will need to contact us for pricing of overhauls and finishing choices when considering a Monkey Project trumpet purchase.



These are rare, famous and sought after instruments in superb condition. Good to go as they are. All are compression tested and will be in superb mechanical condition. Unless stated, these instruments are in original factory spec and will not have been overhauled, re finished or had obvious repair work. Due to their age they may have signs of use and perhaps the odd blemish. These instruments (in our opinion) retain more financial value and provenance if left as they are. "if it 'aint broke, don't fix it!' - Believe it or not, we had an Olds Recording come in still in its celophane from 1962 with its warranty card!



These are for players looking for something above average, out of the ordinary or one off collectors pieces. BRASS MONKEY focusses on playablity so all instruments play superbly but are unique in some way - either cosmetically, by design or otherwise. The possibilities of instrument customisation are endless so you can let your imagination run wild. If you can't find what you are after here, take a look at the MONKEY PROJECTS page, pick up a gem and go wild.

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