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We're very pleased with our new shipment of Rath trombones! Great to receive such fantastic quality from a British manufacture. We are now fully stocked again so drop in and give these awesome hand made hooters a blow.

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Wayne Bergeron GR mouthpiece - STUDIO

WB Studio: Wayne: This mouthpiece was designed to accommodate the majority of my daily work demands. This "lead" mouthpiece is powerful, and very resonant in all registers. The core of sound is unmatched by anything I‘ve ever played my entire career. The rim has a soft comfortable bite for improved endurance. I was playing a Shew 1.5 and 2 before I made the switch to the GR Custom. The (GR) rim will feel larger and softer. I lost nothing with the larger rim feel. I gained a better sound, endurance, and range! Many of my colleagues in Los Angeles have noticed my enhanced sound!!

Backbore - #2
Cup Volume - 0.0666 Cubic Inches (Small)
Cup Diameter - .631 Inch
Contour - Semi Flat-Wide
Bite - Soft
Alpha Angle - High


Gold plate options are specially plated to order and have a delivery time of up to 4 weeks.
Currently out of stock, new delivery due May.

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Price : £240.00
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