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Stork Studio Master Cornet Mouthpiece (Special Offer)

Stork Studio Master Cornet Mouthpiece (Special Offer) - Limited stock available!


The Studio Master range offers a wide range off options all designed to find the optimum balance of resistance between the player and his equipment to achieve maximum air velocity in the upper register.


The LX, LDV & LTS range have slightly shorter shanks the the conventional mouthpiece.

Altering the overall length of the mouthpiece affects the resistance. All things being equal, the longer the overall length, the greater the resistance. Shortening the overall length reduces resistance in a way that is subtle enough to maintain high compression while still having a significant impact. We use this point of resistance to be able to hold constant or manipulate other aspects of the mouthpiece, such as cup depth or bore size which have a much more immediate impact on air velocity.

The LX & LDV have 3.240"/79.76mm shanks which is the shortest in the Studio Master range.

The LTS range have 3.285"/83.439mm shanks creating a little more resistance than the LDV & LX range but still has a reduction from the standard range.

Cup Depth:

The LX range has the shallowest of the Studio Master cups. (.460"/11.68mm)

The LDV cup has a bit more room in the walls of the cup. This can add extra depth to the tone and provide extra vibrating room for the lips. (.460"/11.68mm)

The LTS cup has the same bowl in the top of the cup as the preceding cup, but the throat area is opened more adding additional volume to the cup. (.475"/12.87mm)


Bore and back bore:

LX:- This back bore is tighter than the LD,  but because of the shortness of the overall length this model has considerably less resistance then most 'high note' designs. It provides a great balance between openness and resistance. (.144"/3.65mm)

LDV:- This is the largest back bore of the Studio Master line. Coupled with the  shortness of the overall length of this model these two elements combine to dramatically reduce the resistance in this design.(.144"/3.65mm)

LTS:- This is the tightest back bore in the Studio Master line. These models also have a #28 bore. Depending on the player, extra resistance can help to speed the air and boost the upper register. (.140"/3.57mm)


Studio Master cornet mouthpieces stocked in size #6 only wit the LX, LDV & LTS variations. 

#6 - Silmilar - Marcinkiewicz 5-10, Schilke 11, Denis Wick 4, Yamaha 13A4A

Inner Diameter - 16.25mm/.639"
Outer Diameter - 27.83mm/1.096"
Rim Width - 5.92 mm/.233"

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RRP: £65.00

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