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Sat Jan 27,Rath Trombones Deliver!

We're very pleased with our new shipment of Rath trombones! Great to receive such fantastic quality from a British manufacture. We are now fully stocked again so drop in and give these awesome hand made hooters a blow.


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Bach Artisan Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet - Silver


The Bach Artisan Bb/A piccolo. A nice new trumpet from the giants of brass manufacture. Imagine a trumpet with the accurate intonation of a schilke piccolo but the awsome sound of a Bach. Here it is! Very nice tuning and projection. New 'old style' features recreate an instrument remenisent of the Mount Vernon stradivarius era. This is one of those trumpets which is well worth coming in to blow! -


.450" bore

One piece hand hammered long bell 4" diameter

flat french bead bell rim

special acoustic bell treatment

monel pistson

2 sets of valve guides brass/plastic

set of 4 mouthpipes Bb/A trumpet and cornet shank




MANUFACTURERS PRESS RELEASE: Bach Stradivarius - No other brand evokes more passion, loyalty, and respect. Exceptional tonal colour, balanced response, and superb projection are hallmarks of designs by Vincent Bach. Carrying on the legacy and true to the vision of the master craftsman, the makers of today’s Bach Stradivarius proudly introduce The Artisan Collection. The Artisan Collection features new Bb, C, Eb, tuneable bell D/Eb combination, and 4 valve long bell piccolo trumpets. Skillfully handcrafted, Artisan culminates in a unique blend of classic design, elegant styling, and the signature Bach sound. Design features include a one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell with flat rim, special acoustic bell treatment, two-piece nickel/brass valve casing construction, Monel pistons, sets of brass and plastic valve guides, enhanced radius ferrules, 1st slide split ring, unique serial number sequence, and deluxe engraving. All models are outfitted in elegant cases that combine classic Vincent Bach styling, contemporary materials, and exceptional design.

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