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Bulldog cases back in stock! The Ultimate trumpet/flugel touring case: Bulldog Greenwood pro tour case.


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  • Piccolo Trumpet Range
  • Yamaha YTR6810S Piccolo Trumpet - Silver

    A fine instrument. This is more of a short model picc, rather than the longer bell design of Stomvi and Schilke. Plays great and a good price. Image in silver plate - Price for Lacquer only...
    More info >>

    Price : £2,163.60
  • Stomvi Elite Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet - Silver

    A fantastic piccolo. Great intonation combined with a great sound make this one of the best piccs on the market at a great price. Silver Plate with gold trim...

    More info >>

    RRP: £2,630.88

    Our Price: £2,192.40

    You Save: £
  • Stomvi Titan A/Bb Piccolo Trumpet - Silver

    New addition to the fantastic Titan range from Stomvi featuring the same good intonation and playability found on the Elite but with extra tonal quality. Silver plate finish. Case and mouthpiece included....

    More info >>

    RRP: £3,358.87

    Our Price: £2,799.06

    You Save: £
  • B&S Challenger II Piccolo Trumpet - Silver

    B&S Challenger 2 4 valve Bb and A piccolo trumpet in silver plate. Hardy and robust to play. An 'all rounder' piccolo it is happy in an orchestral or baroque setting. Bb and A shanks supplied. This trumpet has a trumpet reciever rather than a cornet r...
    More info >>

    Price : £2,884.53
  • Stomvi Elite F/G Piccolo Trumpet - Silver

    Another winner from Stomvi. Made to order this trumpet beats the old Selmer G hands down. Great intonation and sound. Ideal for the Vivaldi double and anything else you can think of!Silver plate with gold trim....

    More info >>

    RRP: £3,582.89

    Our Price: £2,985.74

    You Save: £
  • Scherzer Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet - Lacquer

    The orginal rotary valve picc. Used by pros the world over. Great for baroque music with a wonderful warm sound. ...
    More info >>

    Price : £3,036.62
  • Yamaha YTR9835S Custom Piccolo Trumpet - Silver

    Custome Model piccolo trumpet in Bb/A, long bell, 11.30mm bore, 4 valves. ...
    More info >>

    Price : £3,303.90
  • Stomvi Master Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

    Stomvi Master Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

    The Stomvi Master piccolo is a delight to play, with a focused and resonant sound it is perfectly in tune across the whole register. The changeable bell options make a significant difference to the tone colour. The ...
    More info >>

    RRP: £4,030.88

    Our Price: £3,359.07

    You Save: £
  • Bach Artisan Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet - Silver


    The Bach Artisan Bb/A piccolo. A nice new trumpet from the giants of brass manufacture. Imagine a trumpet with the accurate intonation of a schilke piccolo but the awsome sound of a Bach. Here it is! Very nice tuning and projection. New 'old st...

    More info >>

    RRP: £5,150.00

    Our Price: £3,605.00

    You Save: £
  • Schilke P5-4 4 Valve Piccolo Trumpet - Silver

    Schilke P5-4 4 valve piccolo trumpet.


    The definitive piccolo trumpet in construction and sound, the P5-4 is the reference standard for piccolo trumpets in the world today. Characterized by its superior intonation and even “feel” ...

    More info >>

    RRP: £4,600.00

    Our Price: £3,799.00

    You Save: £
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