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Sat Jan 27,Rath Trombones Deliver!

We're very pleased with our new shipment of Rath trombones! Great to receive such fantastic quality from a British manufacture. We are now fully stocked again so drop in and give these awesome hand made hooters a blow.

Fri Oct 20,Yamaha Sale

Sale Alert. Massive discounts on selected Yamaha instruments. Prices monitored daily to provide best value in the UK on Yamaha instruments. If you find it cheaper elsewhere we will beat it!


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Legende 'Protege' Trumpet - Lacquer

Legende Trumpet - High quality monel valves, great tuning and sound quality. Amazing value for money. This is a great student trumpet and you need spend no more. Capable of taking a student up to grade 5 with far better playing characteristics than other trumpets at this price point. Includes great back pack case and a 5c mouthpiece.


While on work experience pro player Ben wrote a review of our three best selling student level trumpets. Here's what he said about the PZ1 Legende;

Legende Protégé

Case – A hard case with large music pocket at the front which will come in use for transport and student use. Representative of the price, the case is not as well made as the Yamaha, however the larger and more cushioned body made entirely of foam means its ability to take a knock is still reputable.

Quality – Slides and valves feel well made. Once again, as the price dictates, it feels slightly less exceptionally well engineered than the Yamaha however the difference definitely does not match the price reduction. The Legende definitely feels closer in quality to the Yamaha than the Elkhart.

Playing – The trumpet has a gorgeous warm tone in the middle range complimenting lyrical passages well. As you play higher the clarity drops and the sound becomes slightly duller yet this will not be and issue at the pitches students, who this trumpet is aimed at, are playing. Similar to the Yamaha, the Legende is extremely forgiving at quiet dynamics and so lending itself to beginners as it supports them greatly.

Overall – The Legende packs a surprising level of quality and poise for the relatively low price and is extremely good value. I would strongly encourage most beginners to pay a little extra for this instrument for the enormous benefit it would provide.


Read the full review here!

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