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Sat Jan 27,Rath Trombones Deliver!

We're very pleased with our new shipment of Rath trombones! Great to receive such fantastic quality from a British manufacture. We are now fully stocked again so drop in and give these awesome hand made hooters a blow.


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  • Tenor Trombones
  • Schagerl 'Kissbone' Bb/F Trombone

    Schagerl 'Kissbone' Bb/F Trombone


    "Every musician dreams of playing on an instrument designed perfectly to suit their needs.

    I envisioned a trombone that would produce a brilliant sound quality, had perfect intonation and was free blowing across ...

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    Price : £6,162.30
  • Edwards T396 Alessi Tenor Trombone

    Joseph Alessi has designed a custom Edward's tenor trombone T396-A. This is the culmination of many years development work and the results are spectacular. When Joseph Alessi is not playing in the New York Symphony Orchestra, he can be found performin...
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    Price : £5,250.00
  • Edwards T350R Bb/F tenor trombone

    Edwards Bb/F tenor trombone- Standard weight slide. 8.5" yellow brass bell. 3 lead pipes. Options available- contact us. Instrument Only...
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    Price : £4,785.00
  • Yamaha Xeno 882OR Bb/F Tenor Trombone with Reverse Tuning Slide

    Xeno model tenor trombone in Bb/F, Open wrap design, 13.89mm large bore, 220mm 1-piece hand hammered yellow brass bell. Reverse tuning slide.

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    RRP: £5,231.00

    Our Price: £4,708.00

    You Save: £
  • Bach Artisan A47I Bb/F Trombone

    Vincent Bach Artisan A47I (Infinity) Bb/F trombone.


    The Arisan trombone features:

    Axial flow rotor

    Hand hammered yellow brass Artisan bell with flat rim and soldered steel wire.

    Reverse main tuning slide with yellow brass crook.

    .547 larg...

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    RRP: £6,500.00

    Our Price: £4,550.00

    You Save: £
  • Conn 88HSGX

    The 88H with go faster stripes! Though not at all a gimmick. The sterling silver bell makes a large difference and some players love it. The silver bell is fantastically resonant whilst being warmer and darker in colour. The result is the best of bot...

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    RRP: £6,450.00

    Our Price: £4,515.00

    You Save: £
  • EDWARDS T350-CR-E Bb/F Trombone

    The T350-CR-E is the latest addition to our symphonic tenor line up. This instrument is built around a conventional rotor valve system and our harmonic pillar brace. It furthers our common sense approach to providing customers with a variety of optio...
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    Price : £4,350.00
  • Conn 88HCL Lindberg

    Designed in conjunction with Christian Lindberg the famous trombone soloist this version of the 88H has a different rotor. It is very similar to the Hagmann valve system and is ultimately a free flow rotor allowing for greater power on the F side. Th...

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    RRP: £5,500.00

    Our Price: £3,850.00

    You Save: £
  • Getzen 4147 IB "Ian Bousfield" Trombone

    4147IB "Ian Bousfield" Large Bore Tenor Trombone with Griego Custom CS5 Mouthpiece*


    Bore Size: .547"


    Tuning Slide: Rose brass bow; single radius taper


    Handslide: Hand straightened nickel silver inside tubes (chrome plated with...

    More info >>

    Price : £3,845.00
  • King 2B Trombone - 2102S - Sterling Silver Bell

    The King 2102S "2B" is a classic jazz trombone design. It features a .481"/.491" dual bore handslide for excellent projection and clear upper range with a 7-3/8" professional Sterling silver bell. The Sterling silver material used in the professional bell p...

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    RRP: £5,200.00

    Our Price: £3,640.00

    You Save: £
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