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Prozone Music Launches FREE LESSONS with the purchase of any Sax, Clarinet or Flute. Having been to see us and taken our expert advice on the choice of your dream instrument, you will be itching to get better! As part of our in store service when buying, you will have received tonnes of tips and tricks already. As if that isn't enough, from May 2017, we are now offering a FREE full lesson with our woodwind expert Adrian Woods when you have purchased an instrument from us. There is no obligation to continue with further lessons, you won't receive any sales pitches and there is no pressure. Our promotion is also running on Clarinets and Flutes so there is no better time to learn to play the instrument you always wanted to! - Should you want to continue with more lessons after your first completely FREE session with Adrian, we can either book you in or find you a teacher in your local area. Get in contact with us for more information. or contact adrian@prozonemusic.com for enquiries.

Tue Mar 15,GR Delivers!

Massive GR trumpet mouthpiece re stock order arriving today. Completely re vitalising our vast stock of these fine mouthpieces. Particularly popular and in demand are the Wayne Bergeron range of GR mouthpieces. GR sales are at a record high, drop in store for a thorough testing session or call us to arrange trials via mail order. GR will change your life, so find THE ONE!


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  • Alto and Valve Trombones
  • Elkhart Alto Trombone

    A great educational tool for the younger player or a cheap alto for those in need....

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    RRP: £269.00

    Our Price: £201.75

    You Save: £
  • Bach AT501 Eb Alto Trombone

    Bach AT501 Eb Alto Trombone - Lacquer

    Good quality alto trombone from Vincent Bach, the build quality of this trombone is superior to the Elkhart and is well worth considering when looking at Eb's. Great for doublers who a looking an occasional alto ...
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    RRP: £425.00

    Our Price: £318.75

    You Save: £
  • Conn-Selmer 500ATB Eb Alto Trombone

    Conn-Selmer 500ATB Eb Alto Trombone - Lacquer

    Great value Eb from Conn-Selmer, this trombone features a high amount of quality for the money and is well worth considering as a first alto or doubling instrument.

    Yellow brass 7" Bell
    Nickel ...

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    Price : £402.00
  • JP 236 Alto Trombone

    JP 236 Alto Trombone. Good quality alto trombone designed in conjunction Michael Rath.



    7" yellow brass bell

    Lightweight design

    Lacquer Finish

    Case and mouthpiece


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    Price : £479.00
  • Bach VT501 Valve Trombone - Lacquer

    Bach VT501 Valve Trombone - Lacquer

    Key - Bb
    .481/.491" dual bore
    7-1/2" yellow brass bell
    Clear lacquer
    Vincent Bach 350-12C mouthpiece
    lightweight case with rucksack assembly

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    RRP: £775.00

    Our Price: £581.25

    You Save: £
  • Yamaha 354V Valve Trombone

    Special order only - delivery time 90 days.

    Good value and a higly playable instrument.

    Key: Bb
    Bore: M: 12.7mm (0.500")
    Bell: Yellow-brass, 204.4mm (8")
    Weight: Standard
    Slide material: Nickel silver
    Finish: Gold lacquer

    More info >>

    RRP: £1,512.00

    Our Price: £1,339.00

    You Save: £
  • Antoine Courtois AC131R Alto Trombone

    Antoine Courtois AC131R Alto Trombone


    The PRESTIGE 131 alto trombone has been designed with orchestral soloists in mind to facilitate the changeover from tenor trombone to this smaller instrument in Eb.

    Handmade 185 mm (7.28") bell in rose b...
    More info >>

    Price : £2,027.00
  • Yamaha YSL871 Custom Alto trombone

    Custom model alto trombone from Yamaha.

    Key: Eb,
    Bore: Dual: 11.95-12.45mm (0.470-0.490")
    Bell: Yellow brass, 181.8mm (7 1/8")
    Weight: Standard
    Outer slide: Nickel silver
    Inner slide: Nickel silver
    Finish: Clear lacquer

    More info >>

    RRP: £2,312.00

    Our Price: £2,038.00

    You Save: £
  • Conn 34H Alto Trombone

    Conn 34H alto trombone. Number one selling alto trombone.

    Key of Eb
    .491/.500" dual bore
    7" yellow brass bell
    brass outer slide
    clear lacquer finish
    Conn 7C mouthpiece
    7536C woodshell case

    More info >>

    RRP: £3,160.00

    Our Price: £2,212.00

    You Save: £
  • Edwards A265 Alto Trombone

    Edwards A265 Alto Trombone. Available via special order only!

    The alto trombone can easily be overlooked as a luxury for trombonists. After all, the parts designated "alto trombone" can be performed on small (and even large) bore instruments. However,...

    More info >>

    Price : £2,269.00
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