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Prozone Music Launches FREE LESSONS with the purchase of any Sax, Clarinet or Flute. Having been to see us and taken our expert advice on the choice of your dream instrument, you will be itching to get better! As part of our in store service when buying, you will have received tonnes of tips and tricks already. As if that isn't enough, from May 2017, we are now offering a FREE full lesson with our woodwind expert Adrian Woods when you have purchased an instrument from us. There is no obligation to continue with further lessons, you won't receive any sales pitches and there is no pressure. Our promotion is also running on Clarinets and Flutes so there is no better time to learn to play the instrument you always wanted to! - Should you want to continue with more lessons after your first completely FREE session with Adrian, we can either book you in or find you a teacher in your local area. Get in contact with us for more information. or contact adrian@prozonemusic.com for enquiries.

Tue Mar 15,GR Delivers!

Massive GR trumpet mouthpiece re stock order arriving today. Completely re vitalising our vast stock of these fine mouthpieces. Particularly popular and in demand are the Wayne Bergeron range of GR mouthpieces. GR sales are at a record high, drop in store for a thorough testing session or call us to arrange trials via mail order. GR will change your life, so find THE ONE!



Prozone Music has dropped the prices and 95% of all its mutes and on many of its accessories. Not just for a while.........FOR GOOD! - As the world gets more expensive, Prozone Music has decided to help out by dropping the prices on all the items that we all need in our gig bags or cases. Mute prices start from just £18 so there's never been a better time to renew that crusty old mute which buzzes and plays out of tune.

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Jack Ross Trumpet Review

Trumpet player Jack Ross has been working with us recently on work experience, we asked him to review up-grade trumpets around £1,000-£1,300. These are his thoughts on the Schagerl JM1, Bach VBS1, B&S Challenger 1 and Stomvi S3.

"Hello, my name is Jack and I am 15 years old doing work experience at Prozonemusic shop in Chesham. I am a grade 7 trumpet player and I’m very into Jazz and Big Band music. The shop asked me to write a review on some trumpets that are ranged between £1,000 - £1,300. These trumpets include; the Bach VBS1 Series 1, the Schagerl JM1 James Morrison, the Stomvi S3 and the B&S Cha Read More >



This part of our site celebrates vintage and custom instruments. In an industry constantly bombarding us with new models and designs, BRASS MONKEY looks back, upside down, sideways, round corners and in caves for stunning and increasingly rare gems still to be found. If you're looking for an instrument with charm, history, character and maybe a bit of "bling" but above all one that plays like a dream....BRASS MONKEY is for you. - "They don't make 'em like they used to!"


BRASS MONKEY focusses squarley on the the playability of the instrume Read More >

Independant Student Trumpet Review

While working with us on work experience, grade 8 player Ben wrote us a review on the three best selling student trumpets. Here's what he said;


Yamaha 2330 – £325

Case – A Small and sturdy gig bag. The best quality of case out of the three student trumpets as the price might suggest. The level of this case means that, despite it being a gig bag, I would not be concerned leaving it in a music store room or travelling with it.

Quality – The slides and valves feel smooth and move very easily which is a sure sign of quality.  The only thing to note is that there is an Read More >

DRAGON'S RISE - Marylebone Brass - A tribute to Ja

Dragon's Rise - Marylebone Brass featuring Chris Avison. An INCREDIBLE new brass release as a tribute to the late Professor James Watson. Led by trumpeter Chris Avison, Professor Watson's final generation of students from the Royal Academy of Music, along with some guests, came together to record this astonishing brass CD. Following the release of 2 critically acclaimed CDs conducted by Professor Watson, many of the players wanted to make one more disc as an ensemble in tribute.



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